June 23, 2011

Man O Man

Man O Man!

When without money, eat at home with wife;
When have money, dine in fine restaurant.

When without money, ride bicycle;
When have money, ride exercise machine.

When without money, wish to get married;
When have money, wish to get divorced.

When without money, wife becomes secretary;
When have money, secretary becomes wife.

When without money, act like rich man;
When with money, act like poor man.

Man Oh Man, never tells the truth

Says share market is bad but keep speculating;
Says money is evil but keeps accumulating.

Says women are trouble-makers but desires them;
Says high positions are lonely but wants them.

Says smoking is bad but keeps partaking;
Says heaven is good but refused to go.

credit to : Buletin Integriti

2 berani bersuara:

Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

ni man benua mana? hahahaha!

saya dari sini

nurr said...

hahahhaa...xtaw laa

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